We are grateful for the sponsorship of Po Leung Kuk Director Madam Ngan Po Ling. Our school was established in September, 2003. It is the first Po Leung Kuk secondary school under the Direct Subsidy Scheme.

With the sound tradition of Po Leung Kuk education policy, a well equipped Y2K school premise, experienced and enthusiastic school administrators, quality teachers , and flexibility in utilization of school resources, we are able to provide diversified and all-round education for our students and bring out their potential.
Our Mission:
ĦE We aim at providing students with a happy, harmonious and positive learning environment conducive to moral, academic, physical, social, personal and artistic development.
ĦE We nurture students with solid foundation for further studies and better career prospects.
ĦE We promote students' language proficiency in English, Chinese and Putonghua, and skills in Information Technology.
ĦE We help students build up confidence, thinking skills, analytical skills and perpetual learning ability in order to better prepare them for the challenge in the 21st century.
ĦE We promote all-round education in students' moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.