Career Guidance 2016 - 17

Objectives and Major Concerns

1.     To further strengthen students’ self-discipline and self-management skills
2.     To further strengthen students’ leadership and sense of belonging
3.     To launch programs on career and further study planning for different target groups
4.     To recognize high achievers and provide financial support to the needy


Committee Members

a.     Career Planning for Junior Forms (TIC: Lau SH)
                -       Talks, workshops and LWL    Fung LY, Tam CH
b.     Career Planning for Senior Forms (TIC: Ho YK (Patrick))                  
                -       JUPAS application                  Ho YK (Patrick)
                -       Talks, workshops and LWL    Lau SH, Fung LY, Tam CH

c.     Career Planning for IB (TIC: Lee WY)
                -       Talks, workshops and LWL    Lee WY, Leung YW

        d.     Fee Remission and Scholarship:    (TIC: Ho YK (Patrick))
                -       Fee Remission                                Ho YK (Patrick)*, Tam CH
                -       Assistance Schemes                Ho YK (Patrick)*, Tam CH
                -       Scholarship Schemes              Ho YK (Patrick)*, Tam CH


Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan for Major Concerns 1617

Major Concern 1:   To further strengthen students’ self-discipline and self-management skills
Intended Outcomes / Targets:

  • Students are able to have self-understanding about their ambitions, interest and ability.
  • Motivation of students in exploring different careers and jobs is elevated.
  • Students are equipped with sufficient knowledge, value and skills related to career planning.
  • Students are able to make a right decision about further study and future careers development.


1.     Different aptitude tests have been included in the F.1-6 Life education booklets in a spiral curriculum.
2.     Workshops such as Possible Job Workshop, Career Express and Subject Selection Workshop will be held in LWL lessons for career planning of junior formers.
3.     Different firm visits and university visits will be organized in LWL to provide real life experience of jobs and admission information of university. For example, F.2 students are going to visit hotel while F.4-6 students are going to visit HKUST, CUHK, PolyU and HKU.
4.     Talks and materials related to JUPAS and EAPPS applications will be provided to F.5 and F.6 students to make them familiar with the requirements and procedures.
5.     The internal scholarship schemes (e.g. HKDSE and internal exam scholarships) aim at encouraging students to nurture better learning habits.
6.     Promotion of EAPPS, Mainland, Taiwan and overseas studies to F.6 students in order to broaden their career choice.
7.     Various types of internal scholarships will be provided. Students, especially those in senior forms, will be encouraged to take part in more international competitions and forums.
8.     Join more external scholarship schemes (e.g. Po Leung Kuk, Youde Memorial Scholarship) in order to encourage students to work harder on academic and non-academic areas.
9.     Hall assembly on introduction to different careers will be held for both senior formers and junior formers.
10.   Book fair related to career and jobs in Library will be held.
11.   Around 30 -40 F4-5 students will join the Mentorship programme organized by alumni.
12.   An information booklet related to different application procedures of both local and overseas studies will be distributed to F.5-6 Class teachers to equip them for facilitating their students in career planning.
13.   IB Career Website containing application procedures and information of local and international universities will be available to all IB students and teachers.

Major 2:  To further strengthen students’ leadership and sense of belonging among students
Intended Outcomes / Targets:

  • Train career prefects in two aspects: Career planning and organizing activities


1.    Make use of external programmes such as the Business-School Partnership Programme (BSPP), different NGOs and Po Leung Kuk activities to provide more trainings and exposure to Career Prefects.
2.    Clear roles and responsibilities will be delivered to Career Prefects: F.3 Career Exposure and Subject Selection, F.4 Career Exposure and Path, F.5-6 Career Path Application.
3.     At least 2 activities will be organized by the career prefects each term.

Major concern 3: To launch programmes for students in different target groups on their career and further study planning
Intended Outcomes / Targets:

  • Elevate students’ motivation in career planning according to their interests and characteristics.


1.    LE lessons will be provided to ensure that students’ needs at all levels are well catered. Career exploration worksheet, F.3 subject selection booklet and worksheet will be provided to students to cater for their diversified needs. 
2.    Career Week and Career Expo will be organized in order to enhance students’ understanding about the career planning and university entrance. Various talks, visits and workshops will be organized for different selected target groups.

Major Concern 4: To well implement fee remission/scholarship schemes
Intended Outcomes / Targets:

  • The most eligible students will be recognized and granted fee remission / assistance scheme in time


1.    Application procedure of both external and school-based fee remission / scholarship schemes will be evaluated and streamlined if possible.
2.    Explore different opportunities of applying for external award / scholarship schemes.



Major Concern 1: To further strengthen students’ self-discipline and self-management skills
Junior Career Planning: Career Education

Career Express Workshops were organized to introduce different careers, such as doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers and interior designers, to F.1 and F.3 students.

Career Visit to City U and Jockey Club Life Journey Centre were held for F.2 students to enhance their life skills such as business dining etiquette and target setting. Strict time control will be implemented for each LWL activity next year.

Four career talks were held this year to introduce careers such as medical care, engineering and creative industries. Next year, we are going to invite more than one speaker to host each hall assembly.

Junior Career Planning: Subject Selection

Two Subject Selection Workshops were held by the career teachers for F.3 students. Next year, more emphasis will be put on helping students fill in the subject selection form.

Major Concern 2: To launch programme for students in different target groups on their career and further study planning

Senior Form Career Planning: Application for further studies

Career Planning Workshop was organized for F.5 students who had to make predictions and programme choices for three scenarios. The quality of their plan improved.
F.4 and F.5 students visited HKUST and CUHK for admission talk and campus tour.
Group counselling were conducted in LWL sessions for F.6 students in a group of 6-8 with class teachers and career teachers, so as to share their difficulties when making career choices.

Major Concern 3: To further strengthen students’ leadership and sense of belonging among students
Career Prefect

Twenty career prefects joined the mentorship programme organized by the alumni.

Six career prefects joined Hok Yau Club Career Prefect Training. After the training, they organized a sharing session in F.3 LE lesson and set an information counter during Parents Day.

Two University Open Day Tours were organized by career prefects. More than 40 participants joined the tours to HKUST and HKU.

Major Concern 4: To recognize high achievers and provide financial support to the needy
School Fee Remission

116 students applied for the school fee remission. 113 students were eligible to get the school fee remission from 50% to 100%. Total amount granted this year was $2,827,200 which far overspent on the budget ($2,232,000).

External Scholarships

Five PLK scholarships were granted 17 students. Kaur Arashdeep (6A2) last year received Po Leung Kuk Scholarship for Tertiary Education Programme which is equivalent to her full tuition fee.


Visit to Black Point Power Station CUHK Admission Talk
HSMC Open Day Visit Job Exploration - Engineering
Job Exploration - Interior Designer Career Talk on Legal Service
Life Journey Workshop UST Open Day Tour