“Project Art Wall Programme” in AsiaWorld-Expo on 18-20 March 2015
Posted on:2015/03/18

“Project Art Wall” is an art gallery programme organized by Worlddidac Association (世界教育聯合會) and UNESCO Hong Kong (香港聯合國教科文組織協會), which is dedicated to displaying artworks created by Hong Kong student artists. The paintings were displayed on walls inside the exhibition of Worlddidac Asia 2015 at the AsiaWorld-Expo from 18 to 20 March. Visitors to the event were encouraged to make donation to the charity by paying for those paintings. Such worthy cause can surely motivate students to think outside the box, and provide a good platform for recognizing their effort and art talents. 

This year, 40 schools joined the event and more than 400 pieces of artworks were displayed. Our school provided 17 artworks for the exhibition. Two were sold and the proceeds were donated to the UNESCO Hong Kong. Congratulations to TING HOI YUET PEARL丁凱悅2D (26) and KAO TSZ HIN 高子軒4A2 (12)!


Teacher in-charge: Ha Yee Man, Evan

Artworks by our students


Title: Integration of Love
Artist: Mr. Henry Leung
Title: Self rescue
Artist: Miss Cheung Sum Ming
Title: No Pain No Gain
Artist: Miss Wan Tze Fei
Title: Colourization of My Dream
Artist: Miss Hazel Ip
Our underwater robot team is visiting the ROV department of Alpena Community College in the USA  
Title: Pursuit of Meaningfulness
Artist: Miss Angel Lee
Title: Love will Never Die
Artist: Mr. Brian Tsang
Title: As Time Goes By
Artist: Miss Christina Lee
Title: Hidden Wisdom
Artist: Miss Christine Chau
Our underwater robot team is visiting the ROV department of Alpena Community College in the USA  
Title: Fly High and Can See more
Artist: Miss Kristie Jamine
Title: Why Study?
Artist: Mr. Kam Chun Kit
Title: Wishes form different people in the World
Artist: Miss Lyan Fong
Title: Fly high and Can see more
Artist: Miss Nurnita
Title: Chinese Culture
Artist: Miss Pearl Ting
Title: Integration of Education, Culture & Science
Artist: Miss Purple Wan
Title: Hong Kong My Home
Artist: Mr. Raymond Chan
Title: My youth Gone as Wind
Artist: Miss Yo Yo Wan
Title: Let’s Colour our Future
Artist: Mr. Andre Ko