Hong Kong Students Science Project Competition

Our chemistry research team attended the Hong Kong Students Science Project Competition at Hong Kong Science Park in mid-May. By using the research entitled “Investigation on the Stability of β-Carotene in Carrots under Different Storage Conditions and Using Different Common Food Processing Methods”, our team obtained the most popular scientific research award. The team members are Veronica But from 5S1, Jerry Cheung, Chris Lo, Cissy Chen, Brian Koo, Cherry Cheung and Tommy Wong from 4S1. Congratulation to the effort made by all research team members, as well as all science teachers in NPL College.

Moreover, our research team was invited to join the 13th Food and Environmental Symposium in York, England in mid-June. We hope they can bring back inspiring ideas in scientific research to all of us.

(Teacher-in-charge: Dr. Cheng Man Kit)