Hong Kong School Drama Festival Results
16 May, 2007

English Drama has been a part of the school activities since the school¡¦s inception. Students have been performing short skits and plays for various festive occasions like Halloween, Christmas and important school events like the School Annual Concert.

Our Drama Club students participated in the Interschool Drama festival for the third time this year and got many awards: The Drama ¡§Who Knew¡¨ written by Elicia and Srushti our Form 3 students under the guidance of Ms. Anu received the award for the best script.

With their good performances many students got the best actor and best actress awards.

They also got the ¡§Awards for best stage effects¡¨, ¡§Award for Best Co-operation¡¨ and ¡§Award for Commendable Overall Performance¡¨.

Awards received

Best Original Script ¡V Elicia (3B) & Srushti (3A)
Best Actor ¡V Wong Chun Man (3D)
Best Actress ¡V Srushti (3A), Stephanie Joy (2A), Lam Pui Yee (4C)
Award for Best Co-operation
Award for best stage effects
Award for Commendable Overall Performance

The Drama Club members taught by Ms. Anuradha learn various techniques that can be used on Stage including writing their own script for short skits. They learn the art of improvisation and expressing their emotions in a dramatic way.

Other than learning students do enjoy and have fun during their drama lessons. The preparation for various events brings them together and makes them learn about cooperation and team spirit. We hope to participate in more events and get many more prizes next year.


Teacher-in-charge : Ms. Anuradha

16 May, 2007



Backstage helpers and sound & light technicians who helped win ¡¥Award for Best stage effects¡¦

Drama Club students who participated in the play ¡¥Who Knew¡¦

Elicia and Srushti - Winners of the best original script with Mrs. Hong and Ms. Anu

Wong Chun Man ¡V Winner of the ¡¥Best Actor Award¡¦

Srushti, Lam Pui Yee and Stephanie Joy ¡V Winners of the ¡¥Best Actress Award¡¦

- §¹ End -