The 3rd Biliteracy Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition
15th January, 2007

Geoffrey Lau Kwan Ho of Form 4A recently joined the 3rd Biliteracy Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition co-organized by Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West and Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers. There were 272 competitors in the senior section in which 50 semi finalists competed for 10 finalist places. Geoffrey managed to be one of the 50 semi finalists and his piece of work (see below) is selected as one of the best 10 entries among all the 272 competitors.

Congratulations to Geoffrey.


An imaginative story on rock from space crashed and
300-metre high wave coming towards HK

Written by Geoffrey Lau Kwan Ho in a time limit of one hour

The island from space

Deep in the expanses of the universe, a meteorite of unimaginable proportions flew towards a blue and white planet, speckled with green. It slowly spun on its axis, plunging with enormous speed, as it prepared to open its gaping jaws of flame and energy.

:How far is the chunk?; Captain D. Moore crackled into his speaker. The reply was immediate. :20 light-years away, capt・n. I don・t know if we can stop it, capt・n. She・s a big babyK; a rush of static, then silence. Moore heaved a sigh 20 light-years. The distance was too short to diverge it. The only hope was to destroy it. :What・s the target?; he asked. : HmmmK coordinates Z67, she・s headed 70 kilometers off the Hong Kong coastline.; Moore swore silently under his breath. With that kind of force and speed, an earthquake upon collision, and at least a 200-metre wave of pure disaster would crash down onto the civilian of course, the resulting tsunami would be far worse, but Moore didn・t know. :Ok, people, we・ve got about thirty minutes to blast the thing, so let・s hurry up!; all around Moore, the twenty-man squad of X-47 space fighter supersonics revved up their engines. Over the speakers, the sound of twenty cracking knuckles told Moore that his men were all perked up in their seats. It had been a long time since they・d had this much drama. :Right then, let・s get the show on the road,; Moore gritted his teethK

:Ten minutes left, capt・n!; yelled fighter 7, with increasing urgency. :If we don・t smash it now, she・s gonna crash!; Moore snapped out of his stupor. Twenty minutes, and they hadn・t done so much as scratch the fireball. The thing was persistent. The nuclear missile merely grazed it. Moore made a quick calculation: at this rate, it wouldn・t, couldn・t be destroyed. :Radio the HK government, number 7, and tell .em to start evacuation. We・ve got three hours before disaster strikes. Ten minutes later, the rock would hit the Earth・s gravitational pull, and it would be too risky to deploy weapons.; :Right, capt・n, I・ll get .em now.;

Back down on the Earth, Rhianna was growing worried. Ever since China became allied with the United States, the official :capital; bonding city was the international pearl, Hong Kong. Daemon, who became the youngest captain in history for the Earth protection from Intergalactic Threats, ZPIT, convinced Rhianna to come to Hong Kong with him. :It・ll be a great choice for Seth,; he argued. :It・s an international city, it・ll be a great learning place for him.; Rhianna had relented, but now she was starting to regret it. Ever since they・d moved, she was seeing Daemon even less than usual. She was happy that he・d gotten such a great job at just twenty seven years old. But she was growing worried about their five years old son, Seth. :I・m proud of dad,; he insisted, but Rhianna could feel he wanted to see his dad more often. Now, Daemon was up there, trying to save the city from a gigantic chunk of flying rock!

Moore looked on, aghast, as the thing hit the ocean surface. If the collision wasn・t magnificent enough, the huge monster of a wave that went roaring to the Pearl sure was. The government started evacuation two and a half hours before, but there was only minutes left. He was worried about his wife, and five years old son. :Captain D. Moore, please respond.; It was a message from base. :The Hong Kong government has successfully evacuated the coastline. Precautions have been made to ensure minimal damage.; Moore was relieved. :Thank you. Over and out.; Five minutes later, the 300-metre wave hit. The bags and walls cushioned the blow somewhat, but that couldn・t stop the monstrosity. If the population had been anywhere within the three-mile radius of the coastline, they・d be dead. :Success, captain. Well done. Return immediately, we will dispatch you home within a few days.;

Two weeks later, the search of the wreckage confirmed a zero death and casualty, minimal government losses, and an extra island of settlement on the surface of the meteor. Its top had been flattened, perfect for innovations. Moore was content as he drove leisurely to his house. Two shadows, his greatest loves in life, stood waiting at the door. The tall elegant one V his beautiful wife, Rhianna; the shorter one V his future, Seth. As he looked at them, he could think of one good thing the 300-metre tsunami did V strengthening that connection, the bond of love between them.