Hong Kong Drama Festival 2004-2005

This year the Hong Kong School Drama festival was held from 21st February - 11th March 2005. There were 495 teams which participated in the English, Putonghua and the Cantonese sections.

Our school participated in the English Category and performed the Drama 'The Magic Paint Brush'. The student's performance was well appreciated by the adjudicators and the audience.

We won three awards for this Drama.

Award for the Outstanding Actor - Harmeet Singh of Form 2A
Award for the Outstanding Actress - Amy Chiu of Form 1C
Award for Outstanding Script Originality / Interpretation - Ms. Meiyappan Anuradha V NET Teacher

We would like to congratulate the winners and also appreciate the performance of the other actors. Thanks to the students and teachers who helped in the staging of this drama. We hope we will have similar results in the years to come.

Three cheers to Ngan Po Ling College.

Person-in-charge: Ms. Meiyappan Anuradha

April 18, 2005

- End -